Saturday, February 24, 2024

More Neat Isopods from Nathan!

Got some more neat isopods from Nathan Jones, which is always great! 😃 

First off, I got a group of Miktoniscus spinosus "Wattsville, VA". This dwarf species is very similar to M.medcofi, however the tips of the last few body segments are very curved at the end, making them almost look spiny (which I assume is the reason behind the name spinosus).

I've got them housed in a moderately ventilated container with several inches of coconut fiber and aged sawdust mixed with leaf litter, keeping them humid and at around 75F°. I'm also offering dog food as a supplemental food.

Here are some pictures of them:

A very nice little species, really looking forward to establishing a colony of them!

Also on the topic of micropods, Nathan sent me more Haplophthalmus danicus, because I overwatered and killed my previous group... this time I've set them up in a much larger setup with a deeper substrate, to avoid overwatering or drying out the colony.

Nathan also sent me more Ligidium elrodii, and after sharing some pictures of his own setup, I've realized what I did wrong with my last two groups; I kept them far too dry. That's not to say I didn't keep them humid, but they actually need soaking wet conditions, with pools of water accumulating on the substrate. 

Now with this new information in mind, I set them up in a minimally ventilated container with half an inch of coconut fiber and aged sawdust substrate, flooded and topped with leaf litter and bark. I'm offering dog food as the supplemental diet, and keeping them at around 75F°. So far they are doing pretty well, and are actively growing.

Here are some pictures of them:

I really love the unique morphology of this species, as well as the very dark coloration. I'm hopeful they'll breed well for me!

Well, that's does it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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