Monday, October 26, 2015

Another Order...

...of Jerusalem crickets from DETHCHEEZ! I currently have 2 males and one female, (The largest one is the female, up until recently I thought it was a male). This new order of JCs should have 2 more females and another 2 males. Now my chances of breeding these guys are great! They should hopefully arrive sometime this week. Also, my female has molted twice since last update and she is BIG! Hopefully she can wait long enough for one of my males to mature, I really want to mate her and hopefully get some eggs. Apparently, females eat males after mating, so I need at least one male for each female. Luckily I will now have one male for each female plus a spare, just in case.
Here are some pictures of my big girl!

Can't wait to try and breed them, I would love to see some tiny baby JCs! I may have some other cool new stuff coming my way, so stay tuned! Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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