Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Harpalus pensylvanicus

A few years ago I bred some Harpalus pensylvanicus, and I thought I would share how I did it here. I have written an article for Invertebrates Magazine about these guys, so be sure to check it out! (I.M, Vol 15, Issue 1).

I kept them in a small Tupperware, with moist coco fiber as the substrate. I did not give them much in the way of decor, these guys like to burrow anyway. I did give them a milk cap filled with wet toilet paper, as a water bowl. After a few weeks, I noticed a couple of eggs at the bottom of the container.

A quick search through the substrate revealed a few more eggs. I went to replace the toilet paper in the milk cap, and found many eggs in the folds of the paper. They seemed to like laying their eggs in the wet toilet paper more than the substrate. I removed the eggs and put them in their own container, and after roughly a week, I found tiny larva crawling around.

The larva were kept in small containers filled with moist sand as the substrate. They were fed pre-killed Eleodes larva. They did not have a high survival rate, and needed to be fed fresh food every other day, or else they would start dying.

After a while, I started running out of food for them, so I released all but three large larva. Only one of them pupated, but it soon died of unknown reasons.
So I was unable to rear any to adulthood, but it was still a fun experience. Here are some pictures of them!


Small larva (next to a pre-killed Eleodes hispilabris larva)

Large larva

Well, it was an unsuccessful attempt, but a fun one! Anyway that's gonna be it for today, hope you guys enjoyed! :)

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