Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Parcoblatta Maturation Update Pt.2

So I now have breeding pairs of every Parcoblatta I own except for my Parcoblatta unknown "fulvescens like caudelli". Let's talk about them! :)

First off, my Parcoblatta americana have been doing good, however a cage cleaning is imminent, the substrate has been infected with a weird fungus that is turning the substrate into one solid mat, so I may have to replace the substrate soon, and that won't be fun. Anyway, I have never gotten a really good picture of my adult female P.americana, so I thought I would take some pictures until I do. Finally, here are some good photos of the females of this species! 

Pretty much all of my P.bolliana nymphs have matured, and in addition to my adult females, some adult males have emerged. They are extremely fast and skittish, so I was only able to get two pictures, and both are from an angle.

Now that I have adults of both sexes, hopefully I will be seeing oothecae in the cage soon! :)

My P.divisa male matured, and boy is he big! Unfortunately he is really fast and does not like being out in the open, so I was not able to get any pictures of him. He has been busy though, I found a few oothecae in the cage this week! One of them was really long, much longer than other Parcoblatta ooths I have seen. I have a feeling these guys are going to be quite prolific! :)

Many of my P.uhleriana have matured, most of them have been females. I do have a couple of males in the cage too, so I should be seeing oothecae in the cage real soon! Here are some pictures of the adults!



The males of this species are pretty cool looking, much more broad than the other Parcoblatta males I have seen.

My P.viginica have been doing well, two more have matured, both male. Now I have at least one pair of this species, hopefully they will reproduce for me! Here are some pictures of one of the males!

Now here comes some bad news. One of my Parcoblatta unknown "fulvescens like caudelli" matured into a seemingly healthy adult female, unfortunately a few days later I found her dead. I don't fully know why she died, my guess is lack of proper ventilation. Sadly that only left me with two subadult males, no females at all. So I will not be breeding this species, unless I get more this summer. :( This is the first cockroach species I have failed at breeding.

To not leave off on a bad note, one of the males matured, and he's a beauty! 
Here are some pictures of him:

Oh well, I will have to try to breed this species another time, hopefully then I will succeed! 

Now, normally I don't post two days in a row, but tomorrow my birthday order from Kyle comes and I will want to blog about it, and I want to get this post out before then. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I will see you tomorrow I guess! :)

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