Thursday, March 31, 2016

My New Embaphion muricatum larva and Scolopendra polymorpha!

Yesterday I got a package from Michael Dixon, known on Arachnoboards as Mastigoproctus. He is a great guy and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again! I got over a dozen Embaphion muricatum larva and a free Scolopendra polymorpha "Rio Grand" yearling!

My Embaphion muricatum larva are inside a small deli cup filled with sand, coconut fiber, and wood and moss chunks. They are being fed carrots and dog food. This species is one of the most unique looking darkling beetles out there, and I am thrilled to have the chance to breed them!

Here are some pictures of the larva!

Hopefully I will be able to rear some to maturity! :)

This Scolopendra polymorpha "Rio Grand" yearling is my first centipede, and I am very happy to own it! His/her name is Tirek. It is in a cage filled with about 2-3 inches of moist coconut fiber and sand, and there are pieces of bark and some dead leaves as hides, as well as some moss clumps.

As soon as I put it in its cage I offered it some roach nymphs, which it rapidly devoured. It also ate a superworm, which is a pretty big meal. I love its voracious appetite, and its striking markings! It is a very interesting pet, one that should grow to be 6-8 inches long once it matures in a few years!

Here are some pictures of the beauty!

I look forward to watching it grow, and hopefully it will be with me for many years to come!

Anyway, that's gonna be it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I will see you all next time! :)

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