Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Roach Updates & a Venus Flytrap Update

A few days ago I checked on my Polyphaga saussurei enclosure, and saw my adult female carrying an oothecae around!! I'm so happy to finally be getting oothecae from this species, now I'll just have to wait another 7 months until they start hatching!

Here are some pictures of the oothecae:

I really love this species, and I can't wait to see some hatchlings in the enclosure! :)

My Cariblatta minima have been doing really well, and I got tons of offspring from my original adults, which are starting to mature now. However I have not really been able to get any pictures of them since they all love hanging out on the lid, which is a shame. I was able to get a couple of of half decent pictures of the nymphs through the feeding hole in their cage, no such luck with the adults however.

Here are the pictures of the nymphs:

And here is their enclosure

Another one of my Balta notulata nymphs has matured, and my other adult has darkened in color a little bit, so I took some more pictures of them, which I'll share here:

I really like this species, I find the ornate markings on the adults very attractive!

My Parcoblatta divisa nymphs are growing at quite staggered rates, some are still very small, and others have matured already! I have at least one mature pair of adults, and I took this opportunity to take some pictures of an adult male, turns out I never photographed my original male when he matured!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my sexed pair:

As you can see, the male is quite the attractive creature! Looks like this species is rather easy to keep and breed. :)

My Parcoblatta uhleriana are growing at a much more even rate, most of them are getting pretty close to maturity, in fact I found an adult male in the enclosure the other day!

Here are some pictures of the nymphs:

Even after seeing Parcoblatta zebra in person, this species remains my favorite, I love the red bands on the posterior of the nymphs, and their "hunched" appearance.

I put my Venus flytrap into hibernation a couple of weeks ago, before doing so I took some pictures of it. It grew really well this year and produced some really big traps, along with a lot of really tiny ones too. Hopefully it'll grow great next year too!

Anyway, here are those pictures:

Well that's gonna do it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I'll see you all next time! :)

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