Saturday, June 17, 2017

L.lucifrons ooths & Porcellio ornatus Updates

My Latiblattella lucifrons are doing great, and my females have already laid some oothecae in my care! 😄 Seems like they've each laid one so far, hopefully many more will follow!

Here are some pictures of one of the ooths:

Will keep you guys posted on this cool species, really hope the oothecae will hatch without any problems!

Porcellio ornatus "South" seems to be quite a fast growing species of isopod, all of mine have grown at least twice as large as they were when I first got them! 😊 They must be close to reaching sexual maturity now, if they haven't already, so I expect to see some gravid females soon!

Here are a couple pictures of one of the larger individuals:

This species seems to be doing pretty well in my care, hopefully the females won't all start to die off like my P.silvestrii any time soon... Very paranoid about that now, didn't think these Spanish isopods would be so challenging to culture, at least not the easier to keep ones like P.silvestrii. Anyway, will be sure to keep everyone updated on this species, hopefully mancae aren't too far off in the future!

Well, that's gonna do it for today folks, hope you enjoyed this post, will see you all next time! 😉


  1. They seem to be prolific. I received 10 in November and have about 200 now. They keep breeding. They breed faster than Powdery Blues and Scaber. LOL.

    1. Good to know! Too bad mine ended up all being females... XD