Saturday, June 10, 2017

Roach Reproduction Update!

Lots of my roach species have been reproducing lately, thanks in part most likely to the warm weather, (and my mad Blatticulture skills! 😜), so let's take a look at some of the species that have bred for the first time in my collection!

My Balta notulata have been doing pretty well, unfortunately my female died a little while ago, (probably prematurely, seeing as my male is still alive...), however she left behind 8 oothecae, and some of them have hatched! I now have roughly two dozen nymphs, which are doing good and have molted several times already! 😁 I came really close to losing this species in my collection, so I'm very happy I was able to successfully breed them and get their numbers back up!

Unlike most of the other Ectobiids I keep, which attempt to bolt out of the enclosure as soon as I open the lid, these nymphs actually try their best to stay well hidden, so I was only able to get one half decent picture of a nymph, here it is:

Really happy that this species is doing well now, let's hope these nymphs make it to adulthood with no problems! 

About a week ago, I found some tiny hatchlings in my Arenivaga cf. genitalis enclosure! Now I have successfully bred two species of Arenivaga, and this species has done much better as adults than my A.bolliana did, considering that my female is still alive, and my male, though now deceased, lived a couple months, which is quite a bit longer than my adult male bolliana, and is the normal lifespan of adult Arenivaga.

Here are some pictures of one of the cuties:

Hopefully the nymphs will do well for me, really happy to have bred another member of this somewhat finicky genus!

My Panchlora sp. "Speckled" females have gotten much thinner and more "frazzled" looking this past week, and was very concerned that they were getting stressed out by the large population of Sinella curviseta, so I was planning to rehouse them. However, before doing so, I dug through a little bit of the substrate in one area, next to some bark, and low and behold, I found several TINY Panchlora nymphs! 😊

Here are pictures of a couple of the nymphs:

So thrilled I got some offspring from this new species, can't wait to see them grow, the older nymphs are supposed to be very handsome looking!

Lastly, my Compsodes schwarzi have started laying oothecae! 😃 To be honest, I wasn't sure if any of my females had even matured, until I saw one carrying an oothecae around that is. A quick examination of the enclosure revealed several other oothecae that had been adhered to the undersides of various bark pieces!

Here are a few pictures of some oothecae:

And a picture of an adult female, (at least I think it's an adult):

If all goes well, the ooths should hatch soon, and I'll have lots of tiny Compsodes running around! 

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed, will see you all later! 🙂

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