Monday, April 16, 2018

Eleodes rileyi and Dorylaea orini Updates!

I have been able to get a few Eleodes rileyi to pupate and eclose recently! My larvae had a weird wave of die offs towards the end of their development, and several died right before and during pupation, but luckily my original females produced a TON of offspring, and it doesn't seem like any special impetus is needed to induce pupation. Just small deli cups filled with moist, compressed coco fiber did the trick.

Here are some pictures of a pupa:

Here's the resulting adult, both teneral, and hardened:

And here's a different one:

I'm glad I was able to rear at least a few adults up, hopefully they will live for a couple years or so! 😊

My Dorylaea orini are starting to mature, and man don't they look lovely! 😁 I'm definitely going to have to rehouse them again soon, that's gonna be reeeeaaallll fun...

Here are some pics of an adult female:

And a subadult nymph for fun:

Hopefully this breeding attempt will be more successful than my last, I certainly have a more even sex ratio now, and way more individuals to start off with, so we'll see!

Well, that's gonna do it for this post everyone, hope you all enjoyed, will see you all next time! 😉