Wednesday, April 4, 2018

My New Porcellio bolivari Females!

I did another trade with Alan Grosse, owner of Captive Isopoda, and got some Porcellio bolivari females from him! 😁 The first package he sent arrived about two weeks ago, he sent four females and two extra males, (which was very nice of him!). However, one female was dead on arrival, and another seems to have died shortly after, (At least, she was acting very sluggish after arriving. Now I can't find her, but I did find what looked like pieces of exoskeleton belonging to her).

He sent replacements this week, and I'm happy to say they arrived alive and well today! He sent two replacement females as well as a third one, which was very generous of him! Now I've got 5 females total, which is fantastic! 😄

This time I've set up a much larger enclosure for these gals, with a TON of ventilation and plenty of hides. I will be housing just one small male with them this time, and will probably remove him once I notice females becoming gravid. Hopefully nothing will go wrong this time, I really want to breed this species successfully!

Here are a couple pictures of the new females:

Hopefully they won't take too long to become gravid, will be sure to keep you all updated on them! 😉

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