Monday, February 24, 2020

Cockroach Offspring Census

So far so good for 2020, I decided to take some better counts of my two roach species in an attempt to get a better idea of where my colonies stand, and was pleasantly surprised by both! 😁

First of, let's start with my Gyna capucina. I counted 60+ nymphs, a dozen or two of which were newborns, and there were around four pre-sub or subadult females, which is great of course! 😃

There were also another dozen or so adults, four of which were females, two of which seem to have matured rather recently... The longest one of them was actually a rather bright pink color, which I was happy to see, she was also the plumpest of the four, so hopefully about to give birth? We'll see, but in any case, I had to get at least one shot of her before letting her go back into the substrate:

She's a beauty isn't she! 😍
I also have switched back to a vertical humidity gradient as originally planned, thanks to my decision to move the heat cable around to a better spot, and I think this gradient will work a lot better for them than the temporary horizontal gradient I had to use.

As for my Bantua sp. "Namibia", I've either been counting the amount of offspring per litter wrong, or there have simply been more litters than I thought, because I thought I'd have around 30 or so babies in there. In reality, I counted 56+ L1-L3 nymphs!!! 😮 Plus there's a dozen adults, (mostly females), and 2-3 nymphs from the first litter my colony produced that are still a couple molts away from maturity. So they're doing fantastic! 😄

No pictures this time, but in case you all haven't seen it, I did just make a quick care video on these guys, though for more precise husbandry info you should definitely read my caresheet for them!

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this post, I hope everyone enjoyed, thanks for reading, I'll see you all next time! 😉

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