Saturday, October 31, 2020

Dark Myrmecoblatta wheeleri Male!

That dark subadult Myrmecoblatta wheeleri male that I showed in my last post about this species has matured, and interestingly retained the dark coloration! 😍 Apparently according to Alan, a small percentage of individuals come out that color, similar to how dark males will sometimes pop up in Compsodes schwarzi colonies. Super cool, I really love this darker coloration, and hope to see more pop up in my colony as it takes off! 😁

I also think my subadult female may have matured too, as I think I see her shed skin in the enclosure, (which this species doesn't seem to eat), so that's great, hopefully she and my other adult female are gonna produce lots of oothecae! 🤞

Anyways, here are some pictures of that dark adult male:

So far this species seems to be doing OK for me, hard to tell if/what they're eating, as they are a rather flat species, and being so tiny I can't tell if there are actually little nibbles in their food. I also haven't found any oothecae yet, though I'm not exactly tearing apart their enclosure or anything. But they're all alive still, so that's gotta count for something! 😅

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, hope you all enjoyed, thanks for reading, stay safe, if you're in the USA please VOTE, and I'll see everyone next time! 😉

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