Monday, October 12, 2020

My Two New Arenivaga!!!

And now, for the last of inverts Alan Jeon sent me, we've got two awesome species of Arenivaga! 😁

First, let's start with the Arenivaga floridensis "White"! (collected near Lake Placid, FL). He sent me around ten small nymphs of this beautiful little species, and as some of you may remember, I've actually kept this species before, (same color form too). Sadly, I left the hobby before mine actually started breeding, and I've kinda been regretting that... But thankfully Alan has my back, and I've now got a second shot at this species, this time I intend on keeping them until they breed! 😁.

I have them in my typical Arenivaga setup, a small, extremely well ventilated container with an inch or two of fine coconut fiber, with a horizontal humidity gradient, (one third of the substrate kept moist, the rest bone dry). As they get larger I may have to separate males from females and keep them at different temps to sync the pairs up, as males often mature and die much faster than females do, but for now I'm keeping them at around 75F° or so. They've got leaf litter in there to feed on, and I'll offer chick feed regularly as well. 

Here are some pictures of the nymphs:

Beautiful little things, hope they do well for me! 🙂

And now, for something I've never kept before, that's just entered culture, the rare, dark color form of Arenivaga bolliana! 😃 Alan collected these from Del Rio, TX, the dark color form for A.bolliana has only been sighted in a few locales. In these locales, males consistently mature a dark brown or blackish color, and almost look like little Polyphaga males! I believe females and nymphs look much the same as other bolliana locales. 

Alan sent me three oothecae, which I'll keep again in a standard Arenivaga setup, probably in the substrate bordering the humid side. Hopefully they'll hatch in the next month or two! 🤞

Here are a couple pics of an ootheca:

I'm looking forward to seeing some of those dark adult males in person, hopefully they'll do as well for me as my old, normal A.bolliana did, and I can establish a nice breeding colony! 😄

Anyways, that's it for new inverts from Alan, but rest assured, the flow of new species and new posts will be continuing, Fall 2020 is about to make up for the lack of acquisitions all year long! 😁 Thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all in the next post! 😉


  1. Ok! Just wow!

    Congrats on these! I’m filled with boatloads of envy! I’m thinking the A. floridensis has gotta be right at the top of the wish list for me...well...maybe not quite as high as pretty much every roach from Australia. But near the top! :)

    1. Haha thanks, hopefully I can help get these two a little more established in culture! 😁 LOL yeah I'd love some more roaches from Australia to enter culture, that's for sure!