Monday, December 7, 2020

Some Ergaula capucina Pictures

Ty Schaben Order Pt. 7/8
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That big order with all the new species Ty bought also had some Ergaula capucina in it. Now, I'm not particularly interested in keeping this species, and I've bred them before, however looking back I was unsatisfied with the quality of the pictures I took of this species in the past... So I figured I'd snap some better, clearer pictures of these while they were briefly in my possession, especially since there were adults in the container! 😄

Here they are:

Adult male #1

Adult male #2

Adult female


Definitely a neat little species, actually becoming a little scarce in the US hobby, seems most people prefer the bigger E.pilosa, (though I have little interest in keeping either ATM). Maybe I'll keep these again one day, for now I'd just like to see more people breeding them. 🙂

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉


  1. I quite like these although they don't do much, pairs coming through now so hopefully they'll do good.

    1. Yeah it's a simple species, one of the hobby classics. I got a group recently actually, looking forward to breeding them again. :)