Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dwarf Princisia Male (A Result of Stunting)

Introducing Tiny Tim, possibly the world's smallest mature male Princisia vanwaerebeki! 😂 This is what happens when you keep a whole litter or two of hisser nymphs crowded with limited hide options and food availability from a young age... Whoops. 

None of the other males in the colony are THIS small, most are at least double his size, same goes for all the females. Tim is a little over an inch long, and despite his size and minor male morphology, still has a shallow pronotum notch on the anterior margins of his pronotum, and decent coloration too... So even HE looks pure for all intents and purposes LOL, which kinda gives me hope about my colony as a whole. 😄

Here are some pictures of Tiny Tim next to his father, who is kind of a major male (or at least a good sized one):

Funny right??? 😆 He makes me chuckle every time I see him, he's just so small compared to the rest of the adults in the culture. I have rectified the space issue BTW by giving them a bunch more surface area and am also selling from the colony which in turn frees up more space. I'm also feeding them larger quantities of food, boy do they eat a LOT! As a result I'm seeing the remaining nymphs in there growing to rather large sizes. 😄

Just thought I'd show this oddity off, thanks for reading this post, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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