Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Random Late Fall Updates

Well, lots has happened over the fall, and in addition to gaining lots of new species, I've also gotten rid of a bunch in preparation for my probable move across the country early next year. 😅

One species I got rid of was Pycnoscelus tenebrigera, however before doing so, I'm happy to say some of my male nymphs FINALLY matured, and I made sure to snap some good pictures of them before they left:

Very very pretty, an underrated species for sure IMO. Rich coming from me, considering I just got rid of mine, but let's just say that after my move, I definitely wouldn't need the small colony I had... 😉

Next up, my Princisia vanwaerebeki "Androhamana". Still no babies yet... But I got some photos of them on my phone recently that I just wanted to post here for funzies:

I REALLY hope my females pop soon, I'm getting impatient with them. 🤣

I'm happy to announce, I've got my first adult male Polyphaga plancyi! 😁 Now, the females are still quite a bit behind, but this doesn't matter that much, since Polyphaga males live about a year, so the frmales have plenty of time to catch up (not to mention I've still got several unhatched oothecae that Martinho sent me recently). The females are looking really pretty though, hopefully they'll be mature in a few months. 😊

Here are some pictures of the mature male, plus some pics of the female nymphs too:

Adult male

Female nymphs

Definitely one of THE prettiest Polyphaga males I've ever seen, I love their pronotum markings! 😍 Can't wait until my females are mature!

My Blattidae sp. "Thailand" are nearly all mature now, and man are they quite pretty as adults. 😁 Definitely a very unique Blattid, they're large, lanky, and have an almost Archiblatinae "hunchback" look when they're resting, weird. Their oothecae are also VERY long and pretty thin too, which is also unusual.

Here are some pictures of a young adult pair, (unfortunately the male has some minor wing defects/damage, the female is perfect though):

Adult female

Adult male

Fingers crossed they breed well for me, definitely one of the most unique Blattids in the hobby I've seen in a while, even if they're not the most colorful!

Lastly, my Eumesosoma cf. roeweri harvestmen have been quite busy, I dug around in their enclosure recently and found several large egg clusters buried in their substrate! 😁 These definitely seem to be quite prolific harvestmen, and my theory of keeping them cool during the Fall to induce breeding seems to have been correct. Now, hopefully their offspring are easy to rear, if so I can see these quickly becoming popular in the hobby. 😄

Here are some pics of a few of the eggs:

Looking forward to seeing what their little babies will look like! 🥰

Well, that does it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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