Tuesday, December 19, 2023

White Out Titans & New Roaches!

Just did a trade with Maxwell Wolfgang of PA Pods, and can't be happier with what I received! 😊

First off, the main attraction in this trade, a group of Porcellio hoffmannseggi "White Out"! 😄 Maxwell isolated these himself from his normal hoffmannseggi colony, and man what a neat morph to have in such a large and hardy isopod species. 😍 They look stunning already, can't wait to see them full grown!

I have mine in a typical Spanish Porcellio setup, a well ventilated shoebox with an inch or so of coconut fiber substrate, topped with lots of leaf litter and some bark hides. Keeping a third of the substrate humid, the rest dry. Feeding them dog food in addition to the leaf litter. Also offering calcium carbonate, which while not absolutely necessary, does seem to be appreciated by a lot of the Spanish Porcellio spp. and may attribute to a larger maximum size (my P.magnificus and P.expansus love it). Keeping them at around 75F°.

Here are some pictures of the beauties:

Such a pretty morph, hopefully they'll breed as well for me as normal hoffmannseggi have.

I also got some Archimandrita tesselata nymphs, the "Peppered Roach". They are still relatively small nymphs, so I won't really bother with pictures yet, but I'm excited to be working with this very large hobby staple. 😀 

I have them set up in a large, moderately ventilated container with a few inches of coconut fiber substrate with some leaf litter mixed in. No hides yet but once they get closer to maturity I'll add a bunch of vertically slanted bark hides for them to molt to adulthood off of. Keeping them humid, and at around 75-80F°. Feeding them dog food and fruits.

Lastly I got some Therea olegrandjeani nymphs, "Question Mark Roaches". So now I have pure stock of all three US hobby Therea spp., which is important because I'm seeing an alarming increase in the amount of Therea hybrids popping up and being sold in the hobby lately. 😮‍💨 So I'm glad I've now got all three back in my collection.

Anyways, that does it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time! 😉 

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