Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pterostichus sp and Hooded Pitcher Plant Update

I have 7 of my Pterostichus sp. larva left, all seem to be mature, due to the fact that they have stopped eating and growing. I have changed out their substrate and have given them a deep compressed layer of moist coconut fiber. It seems one of them has already made a pupal cell!

See here:

I really hope they make it to adulthood, it will be my first time raising a Carabid from egg to adult!

My Sarracenia minor seedling has been doing very well, and has put out many new pitchers! I apparently don't have to give it a cool period until it is three years old, unlike my Venus flytrap, which is enjoying a nice diapause in my fridge. 

Here are some pictures of my pitcher plant:

It has caught a couple of fungus gnats so far, will try feeding it a small mealworm sometime soon.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, any suggestions for what you want the next one to be about? See you all later! :)


  1. You should do a post about how you set up your roach enclosures.

    1. Sure, I can do that! Like a step by step sorta thing?

  2. Yeah, a step by step. Maybe you have different enclosures for species that burrow, species that require vertical space, etc. Show off the different features of those if you make them.

    1. Alrighty, will do! Next blog post will be on how I setup roach enclosures. Thank you very much for your input! :)