Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Gryllus Update, and some other Cricket stuff

I have 3 Gryllus cf. veletis left, one male and two females. The male may or may not have killed another male territoriality, but he does not seem to be showing any aggression towards the females. Hopefully they will mate, and the females will lay some eggs. I have mixed some sand in with their substrate to promote burrowing, as sandy substrates make stronger burrows. I will keep you guys updated on their progress.

I caught a male Gryllus nymph when I was at the Bruneau sand dunes over a month ago, whether it is the same species as my other Gryllus or not has yet to be determined. He matured about a week ago, and has been chirping a lot.
Here are some pictures of him:

I'll be submitting some of these images to Bugguide.net, hopefully this guy will be identified!

So I checked on my Embaphion muricatum larva yesterday, and found several tiny cricket nymphs in the container. I was quite confused, and asked the person I bought them from if he kept crickets in the same cage as his Embaphion. Apparently some Acheta domesticus escaped in the previous owner's house, and laid many eggs in some of his enclosures.

Some of those eggs were in substrate that he shipped the Scolopendra polymorpha "Rio Grand" in, and I used some of that substrate in my Embaphion enclosure. So it seems I have unintentionally gained a new species in my collection, which is a pleasant surprise! I will try to rear some to adulthood and breed them, which should be rather easy.

Well, that's gonna be it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll see you all next post! :)

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