Thursday, April 21, 2016

Some New Invertebrates, and Some Random Updates!

This week I have made a couple orders and a trade, and some of the new stuff has arrived!

First off, I made an order from Kyle at Roachcrossing, and as usual I am very happy with it!
I got:
A sexed pair of Arenivaga tonkawa (My male died due to dehydration, so I got another pair).
A sexed pair of Arenivaga cf. genitalis.
A sexed pair of African bullet roaches (Which some claim to be Neostylopyga propinqua).
And a starter colony of tropical pink springtails, Sinella curviseta.

Hopefully the springtails will do their magic and help get rid of the mites I have in my roach enclosures, they don't really seem to be bothering the roaches but they are unsightly and have huge numbers and they need to go.

Here are some pictures of the African bullets, (you guys have already seen A.tonkawa and my A.genitalis were too elusive to get pics):

Adult Female

I also purchased a species of roach from Orin McMonigle, unfortunately USPS has messed things up, and things have been delayed. Hopefully the package will arrive tomorrow.

I made a trade with Uncommonroachboy from the Allpet Roach forum. I traded some of my Rhabdoblatta formosana nymphs for a sexed pair of Princisia vanwaerebeki "Big", which is a giant morph of P.vanwaerebeki. He also included a free Ergaula capucina ootheca, which was nice of him!

Here are some pics of the P.vanwaerebeki:

And here's a pic of the E.capucina ooth:

Hopefully both of the Princisia will mature and breed, this is a very pretty species and a pretty cool morph at that.

Here's a small update on my Cariblatta lutea, the two males and single female are doing well, it seems like they have escaped the fungus. Hopefully the female will start laying ootheca, I really want to breed this species.
Here are some pictures of one of the males:

And here is the cage
I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on this species.

My Eusattus muricatus have been doing well, and some of the eggs the adults have laid have been hatching! Quite a few of the adults have died off, I do not quite know why, perhaps they just don't have a long lifespan? Regardless, there are plenty of eggs and larva in the enclosure, so I'd say that this species does well in captivity.
Here are some pictures of the tiny larva:

Coelus, Coniontis and Eusattus seem to all have similar larva, and Eusattus and Coelus both have very large eggs in proportion to their bodies.

My Coelus have also been laying eggs, and those eggs have started to hatch!
Here is a picture of a Coelus egg:

I hope you guys enjoyed this long post, and I will see you all soon! :)

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