Saturday, April 23, 2016

Parcoblatta lata and Chorisoneura texensis Update

My Parcoblatta lata have been doing very well, and most of them have matured! These guys are big compared to the other Parcoblatta species in my collection, and the females seem to be decent for handling. The males on the other hand are long-winged speed demons that will dart halfway across the room if handling (or photographing) is attempted. The females have already started to lay ootheca, so it seems like breeding this species is a piece of cake!
Here are some pictures I took of them:



Hopefully these guys will continue to do well, and in a few months the oothecae should start hatching!

My Chorisoneura texensis have also been doing very well, and the ootheca keep on hatching! I have not noticed many nymph casualties at all, and hopefully I never will! In their old cage I had given them lots of ventilation holes, which the super tiny hatchlings were escaping from.

Recently I gave them a new cage without any ventilation holes, and made a small access hole next to the food bowl that I plug up with a piece of sponge, so that I never need to open the lid up, as the nymphs just love to accumulate up there. So far I have had no more escape problems, and they don't seem to mind the (drastically) reduced ventilation.
Here are some (pretty bad) pictures I took of the nymphs:

Nymph that I assume is going to molt soon
Hopefully I can successfully rear these nymphs to adulthood, it would be pretty awesome if I could!

Well that's gonna be it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll see you all next time! :)

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