Thursday, October 21, 2021

Pie-Dish Beetles Are Back!

Thanks to the generosity of Chandra Orr at Roachtopia, one of a few keepers who has kept my old line of Embaphion muricatum going in the hobby (which I originally got from Michael Dixon at Mike's House of a Thousand Legs/ThePureLife), I've got a starter group of 20 medium/large larvae of these iconic "Pie-Dish Beetles"! 😁

Got them set up on a substrate of coco fiber mixed with a little sand, with a 60-40 horizontal humidity gradient, erring on the dry side. The enclosure is very well ventilated and being kept at 75F° or so. I'm using dog food as the staple diet.

Some pics of the larvae:

They might look like normal mealworms, but the beetles they mature into are anything but normal! 😄 This species did great for me in the past, and I have little doubt I'll have a thriving culture up and running again in no time!

Also, I may have been a bit overzealous to report a month or two ago that my Eleodes obscura glabriuscula bred, I'm pretty sure the very few larvae I found in their enclosure previously were offspring from the Eleodes hispilabris housed in the shoebox on top of them that escaped and got into the obscura bin... However, I'm now finding lots of tiny hatchling larvae in my obscura bin which leads me to believe they are actually breeding now, hooray! 😅 Just thought I'd mention this, if anything just so I can more accurately remember when I really got larvae from this species.

Lastly, bit off topic, but just thought I'd announce that I've already found offspring in my Cubaris sp. "Panda King" enclosure... 😂 So wow, this species is easy lol!

Anyways, that's it for today's post, got some really neat new additions recently, with more on the way hopefully, so look forward to new posts soon! 😉 Thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed, and I'll see everyone next time!

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