Thursday, February 9, 2023

Beetles, Beetles, & More Beetles!

Well I just recently got some more beetle larvae in to add to my For Sale List, along with flake soil for them and other wood feeding inverts. 😉 I sadly won't be keeping any of these beetle species for myself, but I at least get to see their larvae in person. I obviously had to take some pictures of them, so I'll show them off here. 😁

First off, Goliathus orientalis pressei, the Oriental Goliath Beetle. These average slightly smaller than G.goliatus, however they have different patterning, and are completely white and black as adults. I really like the way these look as adults, it's a more elegant looking color pattern IMO.

Here are some pics of a chonky L2 (I think) larva:

Love the way Goliathus larvae look, especially when well fed. 😄

Next up, Dynastes tityus, the Eastern Hercules Beetle. One of the most iconic US natives out there, and the L3 larvae I received sure are hefty! 😀 They're apparently OK to house communally as larvae, so long as they have enough room and plenty of flake soil/rotten wood to eat. Oddly, compared to Goliathus, I've noticed these are super defensive and quick to bite when handled, which is pretty ironic IMO. 😂

Here are some pictures of a larva:

Love their overall glossy exoskeleton texture and black heads, definitely some of the prettiest Scarabiform larvae I've seen so far.

Last but not least, Strategus aloeus, the Ox Beetle. This US native Dynastid has very long lived adults that can live over a year, quite impressive for a rhino beetle! 😲 As far as their larvae go, they're oddly quite active and come to the surface semi-frequently, and crawl around flat on their bellies (something Dynastes don't seem very capable of doing). They have a much more matte exoskeleton texture compared to Dynastes, and large red heads. They're also way more chill and not quite as defensive, which is nice. 😅

Here are some pics of L3 larvae:

Pretty cool, probably the least pretty looking of the grubs in this post IMO, but they have a neat charm to them nonetheless.

Well, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all next time! 😉

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