Monday, November 22, 2021

The Return of My Favorite Porcellio!!!

Ty Randall Shipment Series Pt. 1/5
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That's right, I've finally got my favorite Porcellio species back, Porcellio bolivari! 😁 This was one of a very few species that I was seriously contemplating holding onto when I left the hobby back in 2018... But ultimately I decided to let everything go (other than my rose hair tarantula). Since then I've not been able to afford another group of this species (or even that willing to trade, because if I have something trade worthy I'm usually gonna use that to leverage myself some new roaches LOL!). But thanks to my buddy Ty Randall (of Ty Dye Exotics), I've finally got a starter group of this beautiful species again! 😄 

I have my half a dozen individuals set up in a very well ventilated one gallon bin, keeping them at room temperature (no higher than 74F°), and with a 60/40 horizontal humidity gradient, erring more towards the dry side. The substrate is a thin layer of coconut fiber (an edible substrate would be basically useless since they hardly burrow and will bury the substrate in a layer of frass relatively quickly anyways), with bark hides and leaf litter on top. Supplemental foods such as dog food will be offered regularly.

Here are some pics of the beauties:

So happy to have this species back, I've really been on an isopod binge lately, and these were not the only isopods Ty sent me, nor the only type of invertebrate... 😉 Stay tuned for more posts coming soon! Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all in the next post!

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