Friday, December 31, 2021

Goodbye 2021!!!

Well, happy New Year's Eve everyone! 😁 2021 has been a hectic year for me, but also probably the year with the most collection growth in a long while! I have over 100 species of inverts now, which is almost the species count I had back in my prime in 2018, before I left the hobby. 😅 I've reacquired several species I'd previously kept and longed to keep again, but I also have a ton of new species I've never worked with before!

I've also helped introduce and establish several awesome species into the US hobby this year, hopefully next year I'll be able to keep that up, and keep the species in my current collection thriving as well! 😄 I've had some losses from my collection this year of course, but all in all my successes are currently outweighing the losses, which is what matters in the end. 

Blog wise, I've also spent the last month or so going back and reformatting all my older posts, because a lot of them looked really horrible on mobile, with a lot of unnecessary space underneath images due to them not being centered, the images themselves were smaller, and the lines of dashes I used to used as "topic dividers" within posts rather than the "<hr>" command I use now looked sloppy on mobile devices as well. Now all my older posts should look much more  organized and eye pleasing. ☺️

I hope 2022 brings me LOTS of new bugs, more successes with breeding the species I work with, and new growth for the US invertebrate breeding hobby as a whole! I wish you and yours well this year, hopefully it'll be a little less chaotic than this year was, generally speaking. 😅 Stay happy, stay healthy, and keep on bugging! As always, I'll see you all in the next post! 😉

-Tristan, AKA Invertebrate Dude, Hisserdude, and TJ Ombrelle.

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