Friday, December 17, 2021

Rare Roach Adults!

I've got some Dorylaea adults popping up now! 😁 For some odd reason though, a lot of them are coming out with messed up wings, perhaps because of the hides I'm using (eggcrates instead of bark). Additionally, two of the females that have matured recently matured with weird semi-prolapses, which may or may not completely hat their ability to reproduce, I guess we'll see... Thankfully a few normal adults have popped up as well, and there are still several nymphs in there, so I'm not too worried, should get some offspring out of them regardless.

Here are some pics I took of an adult male, who wasn't very cooperative, that is until he started eating my finger... 😂

There he goes, just chomping away...

Ouch... I actually let him eat away for a while since I wanted some good head shots, and as a result in the process of skinning that small patch of my finger, he actually bit down deep enough to draw a teeny bit of blood. I legit have a small scab on my finger where he ate me... 😐 Guess he thought I was pretty tasty! 😂

Anyways I'll keep y'all posted on this species, hopefully I get lots of offspring soon!

One of the last Gromphadorhina sp. "Unidentified" males from my first brood of nymphs has finally matured after taking it's sweet time, but it's size compared to the other males in the colony makes him worth the wait! 😁 This isn't even what I'd consider a major male, just a nice sized one. Major males of this phenotype get absolutely huge, though they are quite rare unfortunately.

Here are some photos of him:

Such a nice specimen! 😄

As for an update on this species, I got another small brood of half a dozen nymphs from one of my females, who then died promptly afterwards... I've got a decent number of plump females left, but none have wanted to give birth. After talking with Kyle from Roachcrossing, he suggested my issue may be ventilation related, and so I've given these (and all my other hissers) a lot more ventilation. Hopefully they'll start breeding better, fingers crossed! 🤞

And now for the last couple updates, both of which are about Ectobiids. 

I had a male mature in my Anallacta methanoides culture, and that adult female Kyle sent is still alive and well, so I expect ooths any day now! 😁 There are other subadults in there too, so pretty soon I'll have several more adults to work with. 

I've also had another male and a female Plectoptera poeyi mature, so I should also be getting offspring from those two in a month or so! 😃

Anyways, that's gonna do it for today, thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see you all in the next post! 😉

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