Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Return of Drymaplaneta & Deropeltis!

Nennips-Nebahcs Shipment Pt 2/5
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I'm so happy to announce that in this shipment, I got a group of Drymaplaneta semivittata, AKA the "Gisborne Cockroach"! 😁 ironic considering they aren't even native to New Zealand, but rather Australia... Similar to the "American Cockroach", Periplaneta americana being native to Africa. However, all captive cultures of D.semivittata come from invasive NZ populations, so it's not the worst common name. 🤷

Anyways, I'm glad to have this species again, I got rid of my healthy culture back in 2018 when I left the hobby, and while they persisted for about a year afterwards, they did eventually die out in US culture... Hopefully I'll be able to reestablish them easily enough, especially since I've got a good handle on their preferred conditions. 😅

I've got my ten or so individuals housed in a well ventilated gallon container with a thin layer of coconut fiber as the substrate. I'm keeping them bone dry, with a moist corner, and warm (75-85F°). I'm offering eggcrates, leaf litter and paper towel rolls for hides. I'm feeding them dog food and fruits. My group is mostly adults, and I've already got several oothecae from them! 😁

Here are some pics of these pretty, underrated beauties:

Hopefully I'll have babies hatching out soon, this species can be rather prolific, so I'm sure I'll be offering babies back on the market in a few months. 😄

I also received a small group of Deropeltis sp. "Masai Mara" that my friend Brandon bought, I decided not to buy any myself since I suck at breeding Deropeltis spp.... However, most of them were mated, adult females, and there were oothecae in their shipping container, plus they laid a couple in my temporary care before I sent them to Brandon. He actually let me keep a few of these ooths to try and hatch myself, so guess I'll be trying one more time with this species... 😅

I've put them in my Gyna bisannulata enclosure, on the substrate in between the dry side and moist side of their enclosure. It's warm in there, at least 75-80F°, and we'll ventilated too. So with any luck, I'll get some of them to hatch out, fingers crossed! 🤞 If not, I give up completely with Deropeltis. 😂

Anyways, that's gonna do it for this post, thanks for reading, hope you all enjoyed, stay safe, and I'll see everyone next time! 😉

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