Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Coniontis sp

I caught these last year at a campground right next to the snake river. I have been keeping them in a medium sized container, with some "Zoo med jungle mix" and sand as the substrate. I keep the substrate dry with a moist corner, like all my darkling beetles. They eat dog food, fruits and veggies. They love to burrow, both as larva and as adults. They do not seem to release any defensive chemicals, which makes them decent for handling! Here are some pictures of them (they are not the best quality, because these guys are small and do not stay still for very long).

This one is having a refreshing drink, lol!
Here is the larva. It looks different than most darkling beetle larva
Here is the cage
Overall I think these are fun little darklings, different in looks and habits than most of my other darklings. Hope you guys enjoy! :)

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