Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Parcoblatta americana

I found a female subadult nymph in Boise Idaho near the Boise botanical gardens in March 2014. This seems to be the first documented proof of a native species of cockroach living in Idaho. This is the hardest to culture species of Parcoblatta. Hopefully, this strain will be one of the "easier" strains to culture. She is now an adult, she molted two weeks after I found her. I have been keeping the female in a 24 oz tupperware, with some coco-fiber and rotten wood chunks as the substrate. I have been feeding her dog food and carrots. She is in diapause right now, because it gets quite cold here during the winter, and most Parcoblatta species that live in areas where it gets cold in the winter need a diapause to survive. Also, keeping her cool prolongs her lifespan, hopefully long enough for me to find a male for her. Here are some pictures of her as an adult.

This January I caught 3 more nymphs, I will try to rear them to adulthood and breed them. I have been keeping them in diapause, but it is starting to warm up here so I might take them out of diapause soon. I will keep posted, and will try to get some pictures of the nymphs soon! :)

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