Thursday, February 26, 2015

The new roaches have arrived!!!

My order from Peter at Bugsincyberspace has arrived!!! All the roaches are alive and healthy, and he sent lots of freebies!
I ordered:
4 Orange domino roach nymphs
5 Question mark roach nymphs
5 Domino roach nymphs
5 Burmese beetle mimic nymphs
6 Horseshoe crab roach nymphs
And I got:
5 Orange domino roach nymphs
8 Question mark roach nymphs
8 Domino roach nymphs
8 Burmese beetle mimic nymphs
8 Horseshoe crab roach nymphs

I am very happy with my order, and I can't wait to do business with Peter again!
I do not have any pictures of my new roaches yet, but I will get some up as soon as possible! Hope you guys enjoy!

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