Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Roach Overdose!!!

Guys, I think I died and went to roach heaven. I just got a big lot of roaches from Nathaniel Long, (Happy1892 on roachforum, owner of this blog), and let me tell you, my number of roach species has doubled! Thank you Nathaniel! :)

Here are all my new species:

Blaberus atropos
Blaberus "discoidalis" (Probably hybrids, few people have true discoidalis)
Byrsotria fumigata
Byrsotria sp. "Cuba"
Cariblatta lutea
Chorisoneura texensis
Parcoblatta bolliana
Parcoblatta divisa
Parcoblatta lata
Parcoblatta uhleriana
Parcoblatta virginica
Parcoblatta unknown fulvescens like caudelli
Pycnoscelus femapterus
Pycnoscelus nigra

As you can see, I got a lot of new mouths to feed! This will be my first time keeping any of the Blaberus species, which are some of the most commonly kept roaches out there. This is also my first time keeping some of the small Ectobiids, (C.lutea and C.texensis), which can be quite tricky to breed I hear, (though Nathaniel says the C.lutea are almost easier to breed than Parcoblatta).

I will be doing separate posts on my new roaches over the next few weeks, so prepare for lots of roachy blog posts!! :)

Well I hope you guys enjoyed, will see you soon!


  1. Ooh! Can't wait to see the p. nigra

    1. Next post I'll talk about them. :) Unfortunately they are all nymphs, but hopefully they will grow fast so I can get some pictures of the adults!