Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pterostichus Larva Update

Hi guys, I hope you had a very merry Christmas! :)

I am down to ten of my Pterostichus cf. melanarius larva, hopefully I can rear them all to adulthood. They are somewhat hardy, they can go about three to four days without fresh food, and without opening their cages. Otherwise they either starve or suffocate. They are still doing well on pre-killed mealworms.

Apparently most Carabids have three instars, so the first larva I posted a picture of was still a L1, not L3.

Here are some pictures of a large L2 (none of my larva have reached L3 yet):

Here is a close up of the rear end of the larva
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I am very excited about these guys and I really hope I can get them to adulthood and maybe get a second, completely captive bred generation going! See you guys next post! :)

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