Sunday, December 20, 2015

My New Byrsotria Species!

This post is about my two new species of Byrsotria, Byrsotria sp. "Cuba", and Byrsotria fumigata

I have about twenty of the Byrsotria sp. "Cuba", three adult females, one adult male, and the rest are nymphs. They are in a medium sized plastic container with moist coconut fiber as the substrate and lots of dead leaves for extra food/hides. They are a burrowing species, and they can't climb smooth surfaces. They eat the usual roach fare of dog/cat food, fruits and veggies.

They are decent for handling, though they seem to be a little on the skittish side. Here are some pictures of some adults.



They should be easy to breed, and seeing as I have adults of both sexes, I expect to see some tiny babies soon!

Now let's take a look at my Byrsotria fumigata. I only have two adult females and one small unsexed nymph which I really hope is a male. These guys are also burrowers and they have a nice deep substrate of coconut fiber and some dead leaves on top. They are eating the same food as the Byrsotria sp. "Cuba".

Here are some pictures of one of the adult females, she has a few bites taken out of her wings it would seem.

Hopefully the small nymph is a male, I would really like to breed this species!

Oh well, that's gonna be it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! :)

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