Friday, March 6, 2015

Alaus melanops

I caught 4 adults and a half grown larva last June, on and in a freshly cut pine log. I put the adults in my Armadillidium vulgare cage. The adults ate apples and orange slices, and lived about 4 weeks. It did not seem like they laid any eggs, but I found 6+ larva the next week. I separated some of the larva, and left some in the A.vulgare cage. Unfortunately, I let all the separated larva's cages get dry, thus killing the larva. The larva in my A.vulgare cage did not survive, probably because they were not able to eat the A.vulgare babies due to their hard shells. All that is left is the wild caught half grown larva, which is full grown now, and has been eating mealworms and various isopods. I am trying to pupate it, I just put it in a container with 2 inches of compressed coconut fiber. Anyway, here are some pics!


The wild caught larva

Hopefully I can catch more next year, and I will try to breed them more successfully next time! Hope you guys enjoy!

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