Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Amedus apicatus

I caught some adults in august next to some rotten wood. I put them in a cage with some rotten wood and some coconut fiber, and fed them apple slices and dog food. The adults died in a few weeks, but not before laying some eggs first! I try to keep the cage moist, but it has dried out completely a few times. It has been months since I have seen anything live besides springtails and mites in the cage, but today I looked in the cage and found an adult A.apicatus adult! (There was also a Aeolus sp adult in there, I housed these two species together for some time, probably not a great idea, lol!) The adult is eating some apple right now, and I hope some more adults emerge soon! I only have one picture of the adult as of now, but I will try to get some more shots sometime in the next few weeks.

The cage (You can see the Aeolus adult on the left side of the apple)
That's it for today, hope you guys enjoy! :)


  1. Cool! I love it when I find unexpected larvae and beetles in my old breeding boxes!